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PARCVIEW 14 February 2012

14 February 2012


Greetings from Rome where there is still the remnant of snow on the ground but a couple of nice sunny days have disposed of most of it. Many photographs have been circulated electronically.

Bro John Pill: has taken up residence in the St Patrick’s community in Singapore and working full time in the PARC office. You will be notified shortly of new communications contacts for him. He is working currently on the invitation letters to be sent to delegates selected to represent PARC at the International Assembly in 2013 and the first edition of “Hearts on Fire” for 2012.


News from District of Vietnam: Bro Gregoire, former Visitor departs on 5th March for Togo in RELAF where he will be working as a missionary. Recently 54 Lasallian Partners from 8 works in the District assembled for a day’s programme at Maithon. Along with 10 Brothers from the District they reflected upon how to deepen their understanding of Association. Resources from Signum Fidei in the Philippines were used and it was decided to reflect further in the future on Association in the context of Vietnam and possibly establishing Signum Fidei..  Lasallian groups will be established in various places with 3 Brothers designated to accompany them.


Request from RELAF: Bro Gabriel Some, General Councillor from RELAF is asking if any of the Districts/Delegation from PARC can provide a Brother or Brothers to teach English to Brothers in Francophone Africa for periods of 1-3 months. I endorse this request. You are welcome to contact Bro Gabriel directly on for further details.


PARC Lasallian Womens Symposium: Registrations, including two from the South Africa Sector of the District of Lwanga are being received by Trish Carroll on If your District is yet to send its registrations kindly do so as soon possible.


CIL: Brothers Vijaya (Colombo) Dante (LEAD), Phillip (ANZPPNG) and Robert (India) are currently in France on the Lasallian pilgrimage. Last week the PARC Brothers and volunteer Philip resident in the Casa Generalizia had the traditional dinner at the “Little India” restaurant.


Bro Joseph Fernando: Bro Joseph will visit Myanmar (LEAD) and Vietnam in early March with visits to other places planned for later in the year.


      Schedule: I will be in Rome until 23 February and then the PARC office until I commence a Pastoral Visit to Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand on 6 March.


Best wishes and prayers


David Hawke FSC

General Councillor for PARC